Our Services Through Sigma Financial Corporation

We serve individuals and businesses in all areas of financial planning.  The key areas that we cover are presented below:


S: Sophisticated Insurance Planning. The standard practice for managing risk is to make judicious use of insurance. This includes life (universal, variable universal, whole life, term life), survivorship (second-to-die), disability, long-term health care, liability, homeowners, automobile, and other forms of insurance.


E: Educational Planning. Savings for college education are done through several vehicles, including Section 529, UGMA, UTMA, Education IRAs, and variable universal life.


C: Customized Budget Planning/Charitable Planning.  A customized budget is developed for each client.  Clearly, the budget analyzes and documents the expenses associated with maintaining a desired lifestyle.  In addition, the customized budget incorporates the cash outflows associated with other key financial areas, including insurance, education, retirement and extraordinary events.

Charitable giving can take many forms. One can contribute to charities on a random basis. KMF also selects sophisticated strategies like family foundation, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable gifts to help clients achieve their charitable goals.


U: Ultimate Disposition through Estate Planning. The basic objective of estate planning is to ensure that upon death, the estate is distributed in accordance with the wishes of the deceased; also, the estate taxes are either eliminated or minimized. Other sophisticated estate planning goals include: creative ways of keeping the wealth in the family, ensuring that the basic needs of the spouse and children are duly met, and the funds that might otherwise go to the IRS are diverted to charities.


R: Retirement Planning. It is time in, and not timing, that makes the real difference in planning for retirement. Those who start early and are determined to stay the course invariably turn out to be the most successful retirement planners. Managing assets before and during retirement are key.


I: Investment Planning. This activity is at the heart of financial planning. None of the other goals can be realistically achieved without developing sound strategies for investing savings with varying goals in mind. Successful investment planning requires talent, sophistication, theoretical background, and professional involvement, all of which we provide for our clients.


T: Tax Planning. The basic objective of tax planning is to minimize the tax burden by taking tax-efficient actions. Most clients can benefit from applying KMF’s sophisticated tax strategies, which revolve around the five tax Ds: Deduction, Diversion, Deferral, Deflection, and Diminution.


Y: Your Active Participation through Financial Awareness. Enlightened clients cannot only articulate their financial goals efficiently but can also critically evaluate our recommendations before accepting them. The best way of helping clients achieve all of their financial goals is to encourage them to become active participants in the decision making process.


K: Knowledge of Location of Vital Documents & Records.  We encourages all clients to periodically update vital financial information, and keep all records & documents safe.


M: Miscellaneous Issues. Frequently clients wish to deal with issues that do not neatly fall in any of the eight categories listed above. Examples include: taking an early retirement, selling a business, adopting a foreign-born child, setting up a donor-advised fund, and so on. We help determine the advisability of clients taking specific actions.